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Other non-governmental organizations (ngos):

Access to Justice Network (ACJNet) provides access to legislation, organizations, publications, databases, and discussion forums on justice and legal issues.

AirCare is a program aimed at motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance. Their site has information on testing centers, on-road testing, clean air tips. There is also a reference library available.

Auto Free Ottawa is a grassroots group of healthy life activists that promotes an urban lifestyle with reduced use of automobiles.

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.) is a bc-based organization that promotes the use of sustainable and appropriate forms of transportation.

British Columbia Public Interest and Advocacy Centre (piac) is a non-profit law office representing organizations and individuals in public interest cases before courts, administrative tribunals, and various levels of government.

Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (c2p2) promotes the adoption of pollution prevention strategies in the government and private sectors.

Canadian Environmental Defence Fund (cedf) is a national, charitable, non-profit organization founded to help citizens gain access to environmental justice.

Canadian Environmental Law Association (cela) cela’s main activities include: provision of equitable access to justice; advocacy for comprehensive laws, standards, and policies that will provide and protect environmental quality in Ontario and throughout Canada; facilitation of public participation in environmental decision-making; and provision of information, research, advice, and educational materials.

Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (cielap) is an independent, charitable, not-for-profit environmental law and policy research and education organization.

Canadian Urban Transit Association (cuta) is a professional association of urban transit advocates and supporters. cuta has been a strong supporter of the idea of employer provided transit benefits and their tax exemption.

Clean Air Strategic Alliance (casa) is an incorporated entity responsible for strategic management of air quality in Alberta.

Clean Nova Scotia is an educational organization that works to deliver environmental programs to Nova Scotia communities and empower Nova Scotians to promote environmental sustainability.

Citizen’s Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario (cea) is a non-profit, grassroots, binational, education and research organization committed to an ecosystem approach to environmental planning and management.

Conservation Council of New Brunswick primarily acts as citizen watchdog, safeguarding common wealth such as land, air, and water. Through research and education they develop and promote solutions to pollution and resource destruction.

David Suzuki Foundation (dsf) is a federally registered charity, which explores human impacts on the environment and looks for solutions that balance social, economic, and ecological needs. Its activities encompass: studying the causes of, and alternatives to, environmental threats; informing the public and decision makers about sustainable solutions; participating in projects and initiatives that serve as models for an ecologically balanced future. dsf is active in environmental research, education, and advocacy.

Ecology Action Centre is one of the oldest ngos in the Maritimes. Other than usual activities directed at the protection of the environment in its broadest sense, they are currently focussing on marine, wilderness, transportation, and environment/development issues.

Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) Society provides information and referral services (library, seminars, etc.) for individuals, ngos, schools and universities, government, industry, and the media. Its lawyers are intensively involved with government consultation processes, task forces, round tables, and committees. The Centre also conducts research on a variety of environmental law and policy topics — including air pollution — and is an advocate for law reform.

Friends of the Earth Canada is committed to working towards a sustainable global future through: research, advocacy, education, and cooperation (outreach to individuals, educators, governments, and other groups around the world). Friends of the Earth International has sixty-four sister organizations around the world.

Greenest City is a community-based ngo committed to reducing pollution, regenerating urban life, and promoting social equity. Their projects and campaigns embrace community diversity and engage people in finding locally appropriate solutions to global environmental problems.

Greenpeace Canada is an independent, not-for-profit, campaigning organization that uses nonviolent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems.

Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (impacs) is an ngo based in Vancouver committed to the expansion and protection of democracy and the strengthening of civil society. Its goal is to help build strong communities by providing communications training and education to Canadian non-profit organizations, and by supporting free, open, and accountable media internationally.

Nova Scotia Environment & Development Coalition works for sustainable communities worldwide. Through research, education, and advocacy, they highlight the connections among ecology, community economics, and social justice issues, and between the north and south.

Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development is an independent, citizen-based think tank, an activist public interest organization, and a consulting group with a reputation for technically reliable and innovative results. The Institute’s members provide a multidisciplinary expertise in three major areas: energy and the environment, environmental economics, and sustainable resource management.

Pollution Probe is one of Canada’s senior environmental organizations. Its main areas of activity are research, education, and offering of practical solutions to practical environmental problems. pp is focused on the reduction of smog-causing emissions, elimination of toxic chemicals in the environment, global climate change, and protection of human health.

Repair Our Air (roa) is a campaign organised by the Toronto Environmental Alliance and its partners to improve Toronto's air quality and combat climate change by reducing vehicle emissions.

Sierra Legal Defence Fund (sldf) is Canada’s largest public interest environmental law firm. It provides free expert legal advice and legal representation to environmentally concerned citizens and conservationist groups across Canada. Its long term goals include: advancement of strategic litigation (establishment of crucial legal precedents); coordination and cooperation of environmental interests and groups; development of effective legislation (e.g., endangered species protection, forest practices, and anti-slapp laws); and publication of reports and handbooks on environmental-legal issues.

Sierra Club British Columbia is an ngo focused on exploration of the totality of environment (physical and spiritual) and restoration and preservation of the quality of human and natural environment in interactive harmony. www.

Sierra Club of Canada is dedicated to exploring, enjoying, and protecting the wild places of the earth and to the practice of responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources.

Sustainable Development on Campus is a permanent conference of university leaders throughout the country dedicated to promoting environment protection within campuses, by students and faculties alike.

Toronto Environmental Alliance was formed in 1988 in order to provide an activist voice to local Toronto issues. TEA's mandate is to promote a greener Toronto. Our vision of a healthy community is based on equity, access, safety and a clean environment.

Toxics Watch Society of Alberta is focused on environmental and public health issues related to toxic substances and pollution. Through a mixture of advocacy and community-based projects, Toxics Watch strives to improve the quality of our air, water, and life.

20/20 Vision BC is an ngo member of Earth Action, an international network of environmental and peace organizations that mobilizes ordinary citizens in building a safe, healthy future from an informed point of view. It is focused on small-scale actions, performed in goodwill, aimed at public decision makers.

West Coast Environmental Law (wcel) is a non-profit organization that is providing free legal advice, advocacy, research, and law reform services. Through its Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund, wcelhas donated over $2 million to hundreds of citizens groups across bc to help address environmental problems at the communty level.


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