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Federal Reports Provide Information to Canadians and Show Progress (but slow and modest) on Pollution

  • The 1998 National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) National Overview contains data on 176 substances released from more than 2000 facilities across the country. In 1998 releases totaled 160,166 tonnes, a decrease of more than 1,427 tonnes from 1997. Transfers off-site for disposal were 88,489 tonnes, a decrease of 9,610 tonnes, thus reversing the upward trend in transfers of the last few years. The report shows that 258,876 tonnes of NPRI substances were sent for recycling or energy recovery. This year marks the sixth annual NPRI report.
  • Strengthened under the new Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), the NPRI is at the core of Environment Canada’s effort to inform Canadians about environmental issues in their communities. The NPRI On-Line Query Site provides Canadians with the data on what is happening in their neighborhoods simply by typing in the first three characters of their postal code, or name of city or town.

Source: Environment Canada — www.ec.gc.ca