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AWMA Conference on Implementing Canada-Wide Standards

506 Victoria Ave., Montreal, Quebec H3Y 2R5
Ph. (514) 369-0230, Fax (514) 369-3282
Email: cibe@web.net
Vol. 5, No. 7, February 12, 2001

The Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) will sponsor the "Implementation of Canada-Wide Standards Conference" March 7 and 8, 2001, at the Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre. It is cosponsored by Environment Canada and chaired by Dr. Jane Pagel, Vice-President, Corporate and Government Affairs, Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd. The keynote speaker will be Barry Stemshorn, Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Protection Service, Environment Canada. It will deal with ozone and small diameter particulate, mercury and petroleum hydrocarbons in soil standards, and dioxins, furans and benzene.

The Canada-Wide Standards are an attempt by the provinces and the Canadian Council of the Ministers of the Environment (CCME) to take over the standard-setting role of the federal government. So far the Canada-Wide Standards are late and have delayed what would have come out of the federal government under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). The Canada-Wide standards are weak and don't meet standards that are required in the United States, plus they are unenforceable at the national level since the provinces have been mandated to enforce each of the Canada-Wide Standards within their own jurisdiction. Quebec, Ontario and Alberta have so far stripped their environment ministries of resources and staff that they are not in a position to enforce new standards. In essence, the provinces would be operating with an unfunded mandate - - they are required to do it, but don't have the resources to do it.

The cost of participation for non-members is $625.00. For more information contact AWMA, One Gateway Center, Third Floor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222, ph. 1-800-270-3444, or ph. (412) 232-3444, fax (412) 232-3450. Visit the website at http://www.awma.org.