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Motor Vehicle Facts
  • Per capita car ownership has increased by 300% in the last 40 years

  • Kilometres traveled by urban automobiles increased five-fold while urban transit rides per person per year declined from 250 to under 100

  • Greenhouse gas emissions per kilometre traveled by new passenger vehicles has increased by 13% over the last decade

  • 25% of our urban space is devoted to pavement: parking lots, streets, and highways

  • At an average of 343 ppm, Canada's gasoline sulphur levels are among the highest in the industrial world

  • It has been estimated that if Canada adopted a stringent sulphur standard, between 2000 and 2020 we could expect to avoid 2,100 premature deaths, 6,800 emergency room visits, 3.3 million asthma symptom days, and 11 million acute respiratory symptoms

The quest to curb the trend in air pollution from motor vehicles should proceed on two parallel tracks: reducing our dependence on the motor vehicle, and reducing emissions per motor vehicle kilometre traveled.

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